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Preferred Name

Request a preferred first name (All Campuses)

  • This Task has been designed for use by Current Students. For Current Students
A preferred name is a first name (i.e., given name) that may be chosen to be used instead of legal first name. Students may choose to use a preferred name that is different from their legal first name. Some records, such as paychecks, financial aid, or the official transcript, that require use of a legal name, will not change to preferred name. However, whenever possible, preferred name will be used. SIU is committed to maintaining an environment where inquiry and growth are supported by a shared sense of responsibility and respect toward one another and with this understanding in mind, the university maintains the right to decline a preferred name when it is recognized to be offensive to the institution or inflammatory to the student body. Authority to terminate or deny the use of a preferred name resides with the Dean of Students who maintains and has oversight for the Student Conduct Code.


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